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iTunes Account Login

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iTunes Account Login

iTunes Account Login – your PC or Mobile device into a powerful entertainment center with crystal-clear video quality and access to a wide range of music and movies. i have a new macbook air, trying to use my familiar iTunes setup but there seems to be no way to have my information displayed in my column browser as i have done since they invented iTunes. where did it go? I had a error, that iTunes skipped the running track at around 3:40 min.
So I went to the genius bar. The friendly employee helped me within minutes. She created a new iTunes Library and the error was gone.

Now I imported the old library file in iTunes. So far so good. Unfortunatly the information, when the file was added is gone and I sorted my whole Library after this criteria.

Do you have an idea, how to write the “added date” from the old library to the new one? I know that this information is in the .itl file but I can’t keep the old iTunes Library.itl because there is the error in it.When I play music through iTunes, if I have just opened it, it will play clearly for 30 seconds or so, and then all songs will start to have breaks, and then can become distorted, crackly, and fizzy to an extreme.

My computer speakers are fine, they play internet audio clearly.

I thought it might be my external hard drive which is finicky and disconnects, but I can play the songs through my Sonos wireless speaker just fine. Might it still be the hard drive or cable? I have been the recipient of the spinning rainbow ball when I open iTunes, and in the past it has taken 5 minutes to load. My friend said this wasn’t the computer but the hard drive.

I ran disk utility on my hard drives, external and internal, for whatever good that might do.When I try to backup my iPhone 6 on a MacBook Pro I receive the following message: iTunes could not back up the iPhone XXX because the iPhone disconnected.NOW the video portion of ALL of my movies is interrupted 30 seconds to a minute and one-half into EACH video. The audio keeps playing but the video is no where to be found. This happens with movies that i have purchased and with home videos that i have added. The iTunes information screen at the same time flips from a list of my movies to an iPad that i have in the house somewhere, to movies sorted by Generes… almost diabolically as if someone was constantly changing the screens by themselves. Minimizing iTunes, turning off wifi synchronization with iOS devices, force quitting and signing out and in to iTunes doesn’t seem to help. The display screens for iTunes keeps on changing and come to the front which apparently is the cause of the disruptions. SO I am no longer able to play any video stored in iTunes on my 2013, 27 inch Mac with 16 GB of memory; but interestingly i can still play them on my Windows 10 computer, on my Apple TV second generation, and on my iPad. I checked the app store and it said that it installed iTunes 12.4 on May 17. Now I can’t find my playlists or the sidebar and all my album art has become really small. The albums are also organized in a much different way from what I had before and, even though I’m logged in, the space in which it usually has your information isn’t showing up. Instead of that, I have something to show me up coming songs. How do I fix this?